AI 4 Afrika Podcast Series

Exploring how AI and emerging technology can pave the way to more ethical futures and self expression for the Global Africa.

Part I

This is an interdisciplinary brainstorm of the future of humans in 2121. Existing in a world with artificially intelligent beings, what is the role of humans one hundred years from now?

Featured Speakers:
Abran Maldonado, Kishau RogersAnatola Araba, and Tawanda Chabikwa.

Part II

Explore what education looks like today, and how technologies like artificial intelligence are going to shape the future of education in 10 years, 50 years, and 100 years from now.

Featured Speakers:
Dr. Phillip Eaglin, Jovan Rebolledo Mendez, Dr. Jasmine L. Blanks Jones, and Alex Tsado.

Part III

An interdisciplinary brainstorm on the intersection of the embodied arts and AI, with a special interest in how the embodied arts may help humans evolve in the year 2121. With conversation reimagines how the human body can, will, and should move 100 years from now, how technologies like artificial intelligence can help facilitate this evolution, and how the embodied arts can ultimately uplift and serve the global Africa.

Featured Speakers:
Dr. S. Ama WrayGrisha Coleman, Qudus Onikeku, and Tawanda Chabikwa

Part IV

An interdisciplinary brainstorm of the future of capital in 2121. How will cryptocurrency and NFTs impact the definition of wealth, and how could this lead to economic prosperity for the Global Africa?

Featured Speakers:
Nana Opoku, Adrian Kennedy, and Alex Tsado.

Part V

How can we fundamentally disrupt colonialism’s enduring institutional legacies? How can we reimagine laws and institutions to center the needs of African creators and innovators so that a greater share of the benefits of the digital economy can stay within Africa?

Join Funmi Arewa in an interview by Dr. Jasmine Blanks Jones as they explore these questions and dissect Arewa’s new book, “Disrupting Africa: Technology, Law, and Development.”

Tune in for a groundbreaking conversation demonstrating how lawmaking and legal processes during and after colonialism continue to frame contexts in which digital technologies are created, implemented, regulated, and used in Africa today.

The AI 4 Afrika Podcast is produced by HiA Network Members:
Dr. Jasmine Blanks Jones,
Anatola Araba,
Nana Opoku, and
Opubo Braide.

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