Higher by Kila G

Featuring Higher by Kila G

mixed and mastered by Sakè

Thandekile Maboee-banzi, professionally known as Kila G, is an elegant singer / songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa. His sound can be described as the remedy to the issues faced by today’s generation. A vocally trained artist that started his musical career by singing in his lower school years. He was given honors 2 years in a row for the recognition of his exceptional talent. He then went on to lead a vocal ensemble in high school.

Kila G has a 5 hit EP which introduced him as an official recording artist in 2019 and has quickly become the favourite of all those who hear his melodies.

Kila G values God, his family and self development. He is a 2021 Music Production and Entrepreneurship graduate and is excitedly putting all the knowledge he gained into use. Kila G collaborates with extraordinary creatives to host events such as Acoustic Sundays and Velvet Sundays in South Africa.

With a long list of performances at prominent events such as the South African Football Awards, a multitude of school tours and making multiple appearances at one of Cape Town’s most popular monthly performance shows “Expressiv Nights” hosted by 3-time SAFTA award winning best presenter, Siv Ngesi. Kila G has gained the support of prominent figures within the music industry over time has become a staple in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

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  1. Well you can imagine that a song titled Higher (how we pronounce HiA in HiA Network) would catch my attention and even more so given this amazingly talented vocalist. One to watch for sure!!!

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