Sema! Swahili word meaning: “speak” or “say it

Sema Live – a weekly podcast, featuring conversations with us and our audience, speaking on cultures, ideas, news, and music; about, from, and for Global Africa.

We will probe, push and pull, to amplify Global African voices and narratives;

embodying a unity reminiscent of our African oral tradition, sitting around the proverbial tree, sharing knowledge, wisdom, and experiences, channeled through the spoken word.

🎙️ | Episode 1 – Let’s Get It Started!

Episode 1 gets things started with an introduction to the HiA Team and a glimpse of what we shall be bringing to our Global African audience.
Meet the team: Femi Omere, Sankara Caroline, Alexander Otuka, Melissa Mungai and Mungai Kiarie.

🎙️ | Episode 2 – Afro Algorithms with Anatola Araba

Episode 2 introduces our Global African audience to the multitalented multi-disciplinary artist Anatola Araba.

The Sema Live team was granted exclusive access to her award winning film Afro Algorithms – an Afro Futurist adventure exploring a future led by the worlds first AI Ruler, Aero.  However,  Aero realizes important worldviews are missing from the AI databank, including the stories of the historically marginalized and oppressed.  

We discuss these complex ideas on race, visionary leadership, and the future of AI beautifully crafted into an animated medium that is accessible to all.

🎙️ | Episode 3 – Rebirth, Hope & Transformation: A Journey with Joy

Joy Alliy, our Sema Live guest for episode 3, is a brilliant lawyer and a highly respected person, who is professionally based in the East Africa region. At the tender age of 42, and in her professional prime, Joy suffered a major stroke causing her serious physical, mental and spiritual trauma.

Two years on since this tragic event, Joy has a remarkable story to share with us about her journey to recovery. We at Hosted in Africa are truly honoured to be Joy’s platform of choice to provide her audience with insights and guidance regarding stroke prevention, treatment and recovery; and above all, hope in overcoming life’s adversities.

This is not to be missed!

🎙️ | Episode 4 – Matembezi: A Journey in African Minutes

Matembezi, Swahili for “short journey”, is our collection of updates from the HiA Network, our guests on Sema Live, some Global African highlights, all wrapped up in a few African minutes!

In this episode we recap on the humanizing stories from our previous guests, look into the emergence of Google’s “sentient” AI, the gains of Afro-Colombian female Vice President Francia Márquez, the world’s most followed African TikTok star Khaby Lame, and our upcoming discussion with leading figures at WIPO on protecting Traditional Knowledge.

Join us as we probe, push and pull, to amplify Global African voices and narratives; embodying our African oral tradition of sitting around the proverbial tree to share knowledge, wisdom, and experiences, through the spoken word.

Along the journey we ask: what does this all mean for Global Africa?

🎙️ | Episode 5 – HiA x WIPO

In this episode Hosted in Africa (HiA) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) come together to discuss the 2022 International Youth Day theme: “Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages”.

The HiA team was joined by Edward Kwakwa (Assistant Director General of WIPO and responsible for the organization’s Global Challenges and Partnerships sections) and Nadine Hakizimana (WIPO’s Youth Engagement Facilitator). They are both Members of the HiA Network and its various Communities.

In this episode we delve into issues, tensions and intersections concerning current generations; with a focus on innovation, leadership, self-expression, and on regenerating Global Africa in the spirit of Ubuntu. 

On innovation, we lean on the expertise of our WIPO guests to discuss the  much needed development of intellectual property approaches that align with African realities through Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expression protections.

Serious stuff! but delivered with that quintessential African verve, warmth and liveliness.
Tune in!

🎙️ | Episode 6 – Movement Texts as Anti-Colonial Theory

This episode extends the Sema Session episode on Indigenising Sites of Knowledge in Africa.

The question here is where do we draw our knowledge from, particularly on anti-colonial theories in the 21st Century? Do we only rely on the mainstream texts, which are often tainted with colonial undertones?

Join two upcoming legal scholars* as they interrogate the inclusion or exclusion of certain sources of knowledge in the academic space specifically, and other general knowledge sites.

This episode is largely based on a journal article by Dr. Mahvish Ahmad, an Associate Professor at LSE, titled “Movement texts as Anti-colonial theory”, available here:

*Melissa Mungai and guest Zwelithini Eugene Xaba are legal scholars with an interest in the decoloniality discourse in African academies. They are also Members of the Hosted in Africa Network.

🎙️ | Episode 7 – Achieng Opiyo on authoring The Color of the Sun

In this episode we interview Kenyan female author Achieng Opiyo on her debut novel The Color of the Sun.

Much like her book, Achieng is not to be judged by her cover. A once soft spoken individual, she explains her journey of finding her voice in her writing, persevering to bring her work to the world through a unique self-publishing journey.

Her novel falls into the romance genre, but carries compelling themes of crime, drama and mystique narrated with a Kenyan voice and outlook.  These deeper themes are based on realistic issues faced by many in modern society.

Through this novel, Achieng hopes to bring light to these issues, and provide a story of hope to any who may be facing similar trials.

You can a purchase copy of Achieng’s novel here:

🎙️ | Episode 8 – Mental Health Day: A Peek Into Our Minds

We welcome you to the recording of the first LIVE broadcast of our headline podcast series, Sema Live! 

This episode coincided with the 10th October World Mental Health Day. 
To mark the occasion, the Sema Live team sat down with HiA Network Members Titilayo Ameh-Hill and Obi Abuchi, two well known, experienced professionals who make it their business to address issues of mental health and well-being in their daily work with fellow professionals across the globe.

Titilayo and Obi have also created the Wellness Afrika Community here on the HiA Network. With the growing awareness of mental health and wellness, our conversation focused on how this all relates to the experiences of Africans, and peoples of African descent: In our homes, friendship circles, places of work, and most of all within ourselves.

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