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Sema Live | Episode 12 – HiA x AfriKin: An Ode to Love

In this episode, Hosted in Africa (HiA) meets with the prolific Alfonso Brooks – founder and director of AfriKin.

The AfriKin Foundation is a nonprofit that emphasizes cultural connection and kinship across ethnic lines; focusing on engagement and quality of care, championing Global Africa’s image to allow more strategic partnerships.

This focus on connecting people across ethnic lines and creating meaningful connections within Global Africa lays at the heart of why HiA exists. HiA is driven by the foundational philosophy of Ubuntu, bringing together Global Africans in a space that enables value exchange on social, spiritual, cultural, educational, artistic and economic levels. But above all, we do so in the spirit of love.

United by our common interest for the betterment of Global Africa, its peoples, and our kin who span the entire planet, this HiA x AfriKin podcast is a vibrant discussion on our philosophical kinship, an exchange of our histories and growth as organizations, and the power of Love and Ubuntu that not only drives us, but has been the driving force behind the liberation, unity and vision for the future of Global African peoples. This is an ode to Love.

Full Episode

To close we call on all HiA Network Members and friends to attend the AfrKin Art Fair from the 3rd – 10th December in person or virtually. The event will be held in South Florida during the Miami Art Week season, celebrating the rich and diverse narrative of African heritage. African art and culture will be placed as the linchpin to bring forth the authentic beauty and resilience of Black history.

Click here to learn more and see the full program.

The link for the virtual live stream will be out soon!!

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